WIM R3: The CP Draft

In Week 3 of Writer In Motion, we sent our self-edited drafts out to our first round of critique partners (CPs) and revised our stories based on their feedback.

I was very fortunate to be matched up with the talented Sara Bond and Dani Frank, whose stories may happen to be on the opposite

WIM R3: The Self-Edited Draft

Welcome back, friends! It’s the second week of Writer In Motion, where we dive in and polish up our first drafts.

Much to my pleasant surprise last week, my draft came out in verse like a Bob Ross happy accident! Now let me start by saying I’m no expert in this style of writing,

WIM R3: The First Draft

Hello friends! I’m so excited Writer In Motion’s back!

If you’re new to my blog, Writer In Motion is a fun project to show a writer’s revision process. Every season, participating writers draft a flash fiction piece based on a photo prompt. In the following weeks, they’ll revise their drafts with the help of critique