WIM Week 7: The Reflection Post

Now that our final drafts are done, it’s time to wrap up Writer-in-Motion with a final reflection post! This project has just been so AMAZING – beyond everything I had hoped for.

When Jeni, KJ, and JM first proposed the idea, I knew it’d be a great way to help me get over …

WIM Week 6: The Final Draft

This is it, guys – the final draft! I can’t believe we’re here at Week 6 already. Last week, I posted Draft 3, edited with the help of my amazing Critique Partners. I was pretty satisfied with it and couldn’t think of any other way to improve it, so that meant it was ripe

WIM Week 5: The Process

I can’t believe it’s WiM Week 5 already! Last week, I posted my self-edited version and sent that baby off to my critique partners (CPs). This week, I thought I’d do a separate process post with a bit more details, since some seriously sweet brutality happened in this round for me. So please bear with

WIM Week 3: The First Draft

Finally! It’s time to throw back ze curtains and reveal my 499 dirty first words.

Bam! 499. I really killed it with that one, didn’t I?

Okay fine, not really. I actually exceeded on the first pass by 12 words. At the time, I (erroneously) thought the first draft rules were a hard 500, so

WIM Week 2: The Prompt

After being on travel for the past thirteen days, I woke up jet-lagged to find Gamemaster Jeni dropping the WiM prompt like a badass MC.

I tapped the link and wasn’t disappointed. It was a drop-dead gorgeous rendition of tetanus.

Cuddling my iPad in bed, I stared at the photo until it came to life.

WIM Week 1: Meet the Players

Hi everyone, thanks so much for stopping by! For a quick bio, I’m Thuy—married to my high-school sweetheart and mother of 2 (plus a pup) with big love for travel, art, football, food, and words!

In case you couldn’t tell by all those exclamation points, I’m super stoked to kick off my journey with Writer-in-Motion, …