WIM R2 Week 4: The Final Draft

Final Draft week for Writer In Motion Round 2 happened to fall alongside Thanksgiving, and with visiting family, I didn’t think I’d pull through on the post. But I’m so proud to report I made it, after recovering from a fantastic food hangover and an AMAZING football weekend! WOOT! Now that things have calmed down

WIM R2 Week 3: The CP-Edited Draft

It’s Week 3, friends! This week, my draft got a special treatment from my super awesome critique partner Ariana Townsend! Her critique was full of kind encouragement and great nuggets of grammatical wisdom, which helped rein in my bad habit of writing in fragments and repetition. 

Below are screenshots of Ariana’s comments and suggestions.

WIM R2 Week 2: The Self-Edited Draft

Image of lady dressed in black holding herself by a white pole

Hello again! Last week, I posted my first draft, which lacked something I couldn’t quite put my finger on—something important. It took me a couple of days, but I think I’ve finally figured out what was bothering me so much.

My main character felt flat.

Even after getting laid off, she’s financially set, so